Ester Mejibovski* is a Graphic Designer from Germany studying

Graphic Design at LCC. She has previously worked with WIX in New York, with NOWNESS, TORTOISE and ESTERSON ASSOCIATES. Her personal projects include editorial, music design and kinetic typography (below). 

*Word on the street is she is very funny 

For this project I investigated the concept of personal identity and what defines us as individuals. After a lot of research I came to the conclusion that identity is in its definition a fluid concept and as such can only be defined by the individual. My response to the eternal question of who are we; were multiple typography experiments. 

My final outcome was an abstract moving poster. The word identity has fallen apart and cosntructed by a typeface merging latin and cyrillic type. 

A vynil cover made with holographic paper reflecting different colors while being moved – a dynamic and psychedelic representation of the Techno genre. The word Full Measure meaning a line set to the entire line length. Therefore the “M” fills up the space visually and its brutal lines create an abstract illustration of soundwaves.

A Process book containing all conducted research into previous project about identity.