Design Internship at Esterson Associates

Design of the CITIZEN website – a quaterly magazine produced by The London School of Architecture.

Publication designed by Esterson Associates. 

Design Internship at Tortoise  Media

Above an example of Tortoise Notes (2 out of 23) produced for ThinkIns – panel discussions. Concept design by Oliver Bothwell. Execution and illustrations by Ester. 

Brief  Investigate the typeface BW Gradual and use its attributes to create a Techno album called “Full Measure”.

The album was made using holographic paper reflecting different colors while being moved – a dynamic and psychedelic representation of the  genre. The word Full Measure meaning a line set to the entire line length. Therefore the “M” fills up the space visually and its brutal lines create an abstract illustration of soundwaves.

Live Project at WIX Design Playground

Collaboration with another Graphic Designer and a Neuroscience Student to develop an UX & UI concept and a suitable website for the NGO “EVC” who teaches students from low income backgrounds the production of  documentary films.

Brief Hack an existing system

Challenge the way money is depicted to highlight money spend is time lost. The system is visually explained in a small zine printed using a Risograph. The system is applied to a receipt from a clothing store which is a visual representation of consumerism.

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